VOKA is an innovative augmented reality (AR) system that makes it possible to manipulate the model of the broken bone inside the patient.

CT data is used to create a 3D bone model that is uploaded into a doctor’s HoloLens to provide an AR synergetic experience of a kind of X-Ray vision of seeing a patient and internal structures at the same time (e.g. during the surgery or pre-surgery planning).

This potential has been effectively used for diagnostics and treatment/surgery planning in the Belarusian Scientific and Practical center for Orthopedics and Traumatology.

implementation effect

Significantly reduces surgical injury through accurate execution of surgical access over the fracture

Increases safety of the operation by means of visualizing locations of blood vessels and nerves

Decreases number of X-rays taken to define the landmarks' position in the area of an injury

Reduces overall surgery duration

Shortens rehabilitation downtime through reducing damage to adjacent tissues

Builds up patient's trust and confidence in the best treatment methods

Mr. Alexandre Sitnik is in charge of scientific research and guidance of the project

Mr. Alexandre Sitnik

PhD, orthopedic trauma surgeon of higher qualification degree, member of the Belarusian Republican Scientific and Practical Society of Trauma and Orthopedic Surgeons, the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, AOTrauma, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Unfallchirurgie, SICOT, EFORT (European Federation of National Associations of Orthopedics and Traumatology, OTA (Orthopaedic Trauma Accosiation of North America).

Professional career and relevant experience in the Republic of Belarus

The Head of the laboratory since 2008

Performs all types of surgery in traumatic pathology. Areas of interest include minimally invasive treatments for traumatic injuries of the skeleton, the development of a fixator for osteosynthesis, computer simulation of surgical pathology of the Achilles tendon and foot.

International Activity (mostly within AOTrauma)

Translation of AO Principles of Fracture Management (Thieme, 2008) into the Russian language. Russian edition was published in 2013 (www.aoprincipesru.com).

Translation of Manual of Soft-Tissue Management in Orthopedic Trauma (AOTrauma- Thieme) into the Russian language. Russian edition was published in 2016.

AOTrauma national / regional /international faculty membership at AOTrauma Courses in Tbilisi (Georgia, 2014), Moscow (Russia, 2016), Tbilisi (Georgia, 2016), Vilnius (Lithuania) 2016, Yerevan (Armenia, 2016), Davos (Switzerland, 2016), Riga (Latvia, 2017).

Participation in AOTrauma STaRT project, Distal Femoral Fractures module. The module will appear in October-November 2015.

Participation in AOTrauma Chairperson Training Program (Milan, September, 2017).


April 2017

The best project of the Hackathon AVRA Minsk Days

May 2018

Runner-up at EFORT Congress in Barcelona

March 2019

VOKA Standard and VOKA Education version 2. release

October 2016

Start of the project

September 2017

VOKA Standard version 1. release

August 2018

VOKA Education version 1. release

December 2019

Detection of patients’ body parts with no doctor involved


CARS, International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery, June 2018.

e-Science EFORT Sessions Online, June 2018. [read more]

SICOT E-Newsletter, International Society of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology, August 2018. [read more]

Meet our team


Pavel Orlov



Dr. Alexandre Sitnik

Co-Founder, Scientific and Research Guidance


Victoria Supina

Scientific and Research Guidance


Dr. Ihar Volkau

Mathematical modeling, Representative in Singapore


Tatyana Ertman

Head of Research and Development


Anastacia Zharovskikh

Project Manager


Ilya Kovalev

Head of Development


Anastacia Chepulis

Senior Developer


Anna Pankova

Middle Developer


Arseniy Anishchanka

Middle Developer


Diana Semenkova

Senior 3D Artist


Viktoria Lagunenok

Sales Manager