Voka. Education

does take educational process in medical institutions to a brand new level. Voka.Education envisages the possibility of working in the demonstration multi-user mode

for teachers:

3D anatomical atlas consisting of 22 anatomical areas of the human skeleton that makes it easy to visualize bone fractures and facilitates training dramatically

Helps students easily acquire, process and remember the information at classes.

Higher student engagement and interest. Interactive training keeps students engaged throughout the class and helps students achieve greater results through visualization and full immersion in the subject.

for students:

Maximum visualization of hands-on materials

High degree personalization in the teaching process - every student sees the fracture from the teacher's perspective, learns its causes and condition

Opportunity to gain practical skills of a bone or other organs positioning inside the mannequin/patient

Demonstration multi-user mode for medical students

Regardless the location, using their PCs, tablets or smartphones medical students can see manipulations that are being carried out by the Professor

The aim of this mode is to practise the positioning of bones and other human organs inside a mannequin/patient

And this in turn lets students polish up their skills and gain new techniques that are of significant importance