VOKA.IO is an Augmented Reality software solution developed by Innowise Group for Microsoft HoloLens headset. VOKA can be applied both for practical and academic purposes in various medical fields. VOKA.IO lets a medical specialist see the fractured organs inside the patient at any trauma stage: diagnostics, treatment planning, surgeryand follow-up monitoring. Leading Belarusian doctors having relevant expertise provide VOKA.IO with scientific and research guidance.
  • CT/MRI


  • Platform VOKA

    VOKA Platform

  • VOKA Hololens App

    VOKA HoloLens App



3D model of the patient's spine for anatomical landmarks


Patient. TRAUMA

3D models of damaged patient's bone tissues


Patient. CARDIO

Anatomical 3D models of the patient's heart


Patient. ANGIO

3D models of patient's blood vessels: arteries, veins, arterioles and venules

voka.io - traumatology

Implementation effect

Significantly reduces surgical injury (through accurate execution of surgical access over the fracture)
Increases safety of the operation by means of visualizing locations of blood vessels and nerves
Decreases number of X-rays taken to define the landmarks' position in the area of an injury
Reduces overall surgery duration
Shortens rehabilitation downtime through reducing damage to adjacent tissues
Builds up patient's trust and confidence in the best treatment methods

VOKA.IO scientific and research guidance

Mr. Alexander Sitnik,
Head of Laboratory of Traumatology of the Belarusian Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Traumatology and Orthopedics


Scientific supervisor of the project Mr. A.Sitnik

Practical use VOKA.TRAUMA

Active development stage

The company is actively working to employ AR in medicine. We successfully develop not only our own current solutions for traumatology but also applications for other medicine fields.


AR assistance for spinal anesthesia


3D modeling of the blood vessels system


3D modelling of a cardiovascular system

Partnership We are always ready to consult and provide development assistance
MEDICAL RESEARCH and practical usE
Joint medical research and practical use of MR technologies in surgery.
Consulting and custom development
Our team participates in research and development of some MedTech projects of our clients and partners. We will be glad to integrate our experience and innovations in new MedTech projects.
Artificial intelligence and neural networks
AI and neural networks, software development for surgical robots. Robotic surgery is usually associated with minimally invasive surgery — procedures performed through tiny incisions.
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