Voka. Professional 0.9
is designed to be used by surgeons in practice and research activities.
Voka. Professional 0.9 - is an extended version of the Voka.Standard 0.9. In addition to the Voka.Standard 0.9’s functionality it provides local integration into a medical institution IT infrastructure. And it also can be used during examination and diagnostics done by a group of surgeons no matter where they are. It also envisages the possibility of working in the multi-user mode made for different locations.

Multi-user mode for surgeons located in different places

It allows two or more surgeons, located in different places, to work with the same model in online mode.

This mode is convenient to use immediately in the patient ward, when two doctors examine the patient and discuss a treatment plan. Model can be controlled both by a single surgeon and a number of them. There’s also a possibility to exercise simultaneous control of the scene or the model.