Voka. Standard

is designed to be used specifically by practicing surgeons. It lets a surgeon see fractured bone tissues inside the patient. Voka.Standard envisages the possibility of working in the multi-user mode used in one room.

Voka. Standard:

Provides interactive digital copies (3D models) of patient fractured bones at all treatment and healing stages as an alternative to the sets of static X-ray images and DICOMs

Gives a possibility of manipulating bone models - scaling, rotating, decompositioning, having it fallen inwards the bone model, and as a result, improving the quality and decreasing diagnostics time through the detailed and comprehensive fracture examination

Lets position a digital fractured bone copy inside the patient, and as a result, reduces the surgery injury rate due to accurately defining places for following surgical incisions without directly accessing the fracture

Allows a surgeon to work with digital materials without leaving his or her desk chair in the OR - all materials are in a surgeon’s HoloLens; he or she manipulates models using gesture commands

Provides background materials on the methods of treatment

Multi-user mode for one room

It allows two or more surgeons located in the same room to work with the same model online. Surgeons see the model at the same time in the same position and point of space they are in.

This mode is convenient to use immediately in the patient ward, when two doctors examine the patient and discuss a treatment plan.

Model can be controlled both by a single surgeon and a number of them. There’s also a possibility to exercise simultaneous control over the scene or the model.