Traumatology and orthopedics

We have developed VOKA.TRAUMA for its further application in Traumatology and Orthopedics, both in the field of practical surgery (diagnostics, treatment planning, preparation for surgery), and in the training process organized by medical universities. VOKA.TRAUMA is being actively used today by Belarusian doctors.

The VOKA.TRAUMA ability to “see” the damaged bone tissues inside the patient allows:

to decrease the additional surgical impact significantly (accurate placement of surgical approach(-es) just above the fracture, the possibility to avoid wide incisions and excessive preparation of soft-tissues);

to decrease the number of X-ray images needed for targeting the injury area and accurate assessment of the implants position (sometimes the number of X-rays needed for a surgery exceeds 300);

to mitigate surgical risks due to the visualization of vessels and nerves' normotopia;

to decrease the duration of a surgery on the whole;

to decrease the recovery time due to reducing damage to surrounding tissues.