Voka Children Cardiac Surgery

A unique comprehensive database of highly accurate 3D models featuring congenital heart defects (CHD) of all types has been created. We are engaged in the work on Mixed Reality/HoloLens training tool to provide training in the surgeries conducted to correct children congenital heart defects (CHD).

3D Catalog WEB

Database of 3D models of congenital heart diseases with all their anatomical variations.

3D HoloLens Trainer

Mixed Reality / HoloLens Training tool to study and perform training of all types of children cardiac surgeries.

Surgery Assistant

Applying Mixed Reality technologies to resolve most complex congenital heart diseases.

3D Catalog Mobile

Is in development mode, coming soon.


VOKA children cardiac surgery

3D Catalog

Contains 3D models featuring congenital heart diseases with all their anatomical variations as well as concise description of each of them. Such arrangement facilitates study and training processes. 3D catalog is a unique one.

The catalog is being developed for:

Microsoft HoloLens

IOS/Android Mobile

Web Catalog

To view all 3D models, please follow the link below

VOKA children cardiac surgery

3D Catalog

Watch catalog

3D catalog provides for 26 nosological units being in their turn further split into particular types. All in all the catalog counts more than 100 3D models

Except for regular 3D models of heart diseases the catalog has simplified heart models lacking some outer linings. These models are designed to facilitate the understanding of heart anatomy.

Hemodynamics 3D models are being designed as hemodynamics is central to the natural blood circulation and it dominates in the process of selecting most suitable surgical treatment plan.

3D model: inlet type of the ventricular septal defect

Viewed from outside

Viewed from the right ventricle cavity

Simplified model. Zoomed in view.

Viewed from outside. Simplified model partially lacking myocardium of he right ventricle