Disruptive mixed reality system that allows surgeons to see the damaged bone tissues inside the patient

Voka can be used not only by trauma surgeons but also medical students

The system is used during the diagnosis procedure, treatment/surgery planning, and could be used during the surgeries as well.



MS Hololens App


Implementation effect

Significantly reduces surgical injury (through accurate execution of surgical access over the fracture)
Increases safety of the operation by visualizing locations of blood vessels and nerves
Decreases number of X-rays taken to determine the landmarks in the injury area
Reduces overall surgery duration
Shortens rehabilitation downtime through reducing damage to adjacent tissues
The patient trust and his confidence in the best methods of treatment
VOKA 1.1
  • Training patient database with common bone fractures (images, X-rays, 3D)
  • Operation mode called Simulator aims to practice the positioning of bones and other human organs within the mannequin/patient.
  • Demonstration multi-mode. Regardless of location, medical students can see manipulations that are being carried out by the Professor using their HoloLens, PC, tablets or smartphones.
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VOKA 1.2
  • A doctor has an opportunity to upload and work with his or her patients’ data (CT/DICOM/3D patient fractured bone models, X-ray images, images and surgical plates)
  • Multi-user mode used within one room. It allows two or more surgeons located within one room to work with the same model in online mode. Surgeons see the model at the same time from the same position and point of space they are in. This mode is convenient to use in the patient ward when two doctors are examining the patient and discuss the treatment plan.
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VOKA 1.3
  • Multi-user mode for surgeons located in different places. It allows two or more surgeons located in different places to work with the same model in online mode. The capabilities and interface of the system allow real-time discussion of the treatment plan. In this very case, surgeons are able to see what their colleagues are looking at - this makes it possible to discuss the same elements of a 3D bone model (i.e., make sure that they speak about the same elements of the bone).
  • Possibility of system local integration into an IT infrastructure of a medical institutions.
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Areas of the Project Research and Development

3D reconstruction of the patient bone on the basis of a few X-ray images and the database of benchmark human bone models relevant to a corresponding gender or age group. The implementation of this technology may be efficient when working with easy bone fractures (when there’s no need for a CT scan), or when there’s no possibility to do CT (that concerns developing countries).

The implementation of the body parts detection method and accurate automotive models positioning of fractured bones within the patient without a doctor. This method is being developed as a replacement of the existing gesture and voice interface management of 3D objects in space.

Accumulation of evidence-based data of use of the system in medical practice. The improvement of algorithm performance of the system to the very level when the system can become a part in the built-in software of a robot surgeon.

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