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VOKA.Surgery allows surgeons "to see" fractured bones/ damaged organs and tissues (CT / MRI data) "inside" their patients
- world's first database of 3D models featuring all congenital heart defects (CHD)
- mixed Reality/HoloLens cardiac surgery training tool
- world's first database of 3D models featuring all types of bone fractures
- mixed Reality/HoloLens trauma surgery training tool
Telemedicine/Medical Teleportation
Sharing 3D models of fractured bones/damaged organs to be viewed and manipulated by surgeons located both in the same surgery room and remotely
VOKA Trauma Surgery
VOKA Trauma Surgery
  • Mobile app with catalog of 3D models of all types of fractures of all human bones
  • Web catalog of 3D models of all types of fractures of all human bones
  • HoloLens catalog & mixed reality HoloLens trainer for medical students
  • HoloLens solution for surgeons
  • The method of Dr. A. Sitnik on the use of the VOKA Trauma Surgery
  • Video examples of practical usage
  • HoloLens VOKA Telemedicine/Medical Teleportation solution
VOKA Cardiac Surgery
VOKA Cardiac Surgery
  • Mobile Application reference book of 3D pathology models
  • Web Catalog of models of all innate pathologies of the human heart
  • HoloLens Application with 3D models of all pathologies
  • Augmented/mixed reality HoloLens trainer for all types of heart surgery
  • HoloLens solution for surgeons
  • Methods of using VOKA Cardiac Surgery for operations to eliminate breast cancer
  • The method VOKA Cardiac Surgery for univocally pulmonary artery
The future of healthcare is here and now. VOKA Trauma Surgery solution for Mixed Reality Microsoft HoloLens headset is already being used for simplifying diagnostics, planning and conducting of complex trauma surgeries. Dr. Alexander Sitnik representing Scientific and Practical Centre for Traumatology and Orthopedics of the Republic of Belarus has performed more than 60 surgeries using VOKA Trauma Surgery solution. Comprehensive catalog of 3D models of all possible human bones fractures is being developed based on the experience obtained as well as the data collected while operating actual patients.
Even more complicated and interesting work is in progress in the field of Children Cardiac Surgery. A unique comprehensive database of highly accurate 3D models featuring congenital heart defects (CHD) of all types has been created. We are engaged in the work on Mixed Reality/HoloLens training tool to provide training in the surgeries conducted to correct children congenital heart defects (CHD). Research on the use of VOKA Children Cardiac Surgery is going on to simplify the surgeries on the closure of VSD and pulmonary artery unifocalization. In case research proves successful, new VSD closure technology will allow to avoid involving heart-lung bypass and cardiac arrest during the surgery. Mixed Reality /HoloLens training tools assist in training young surgeons to conduct heart surgeries. Heart surgeries techniques are being developed to "see" and correct heart defects avoiding cardiac arrest.
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