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Why choose VOKA as your partner?


Developing a product

VOKA pioneers the world’s first 3D atlas of normal anatomy and anatomical pathology, tailored to meet the needs of all medical education and healthcare sectors. By doing so, we deliver unparalleled value to the medical field.


Providing custom services

We are dedicated to providing affordable healthcare software development services to our clients. Our method involves a discovery phase, where we work closely with our clients to develop a comprehensive project roadmap.


Accumulation of expertise

Our developers have extensive knowledge in medical technologies. Our experts stay abreast of the latest advancements to create healthcare software using the most advanced and suitable technologies.


Professional medical board

Our team includes highly skilled surgeons, physicians, and anatomy instructors. Under their expert guidance, we create medically accurate content to improve our product and services to be as beneficial as possible for the medical community.

Cooperation Steps


Singing NDA

We outline the terms of collaboration and handle confidential information.



Our team provides a business model and discusses all the details.


Singing contract

We sign a contract on mutually beneficial terms.



Working together towards a common goal.


You Present a Need
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