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The World’s First
Anatomy + Anatomical Pathology 3D Atlas

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Accessible Learning
with Voka's 3D Anatomy Atlas

Accessible Learning
With VOKA's 3D Anatomy Atlas

Complete 3D atlas
of human anatomy

The 3D anatomy atlas encompasses the intricate structures of both the male and female bodies, offering a comprehensive study of their internal details.

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3D catalog

Exceptionally precise 3D representations with extensive functionality enable a detailed visualization of pathologies and their impact on the entire body.

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Control the Model
Create Your Unique View

Zoom In/Out

Learn anatomical structures at the scale you need, inside and outside

Isolate and Hide

Focus on the essentials while working with anatomical structures

360° Rotation

Enhance your experience by viewing 3D models from any angle


Display 3D models in a real-world environment, e.g. on a mannequin

All Anatomy and Pathology
3D Models in One App

All Anatomy and Pathology 3D
Models in One App

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Custom systems for healthcare workflow automation, enhanced diagnostics and treatment that comply with industry-specific standards

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