Custom Healthcare
Software Development

VOKA creates custom medical software to empower healthcare providers, medical schools, digital health companies, and medical device manufacturers with advanced IT solutions


VR Medical Simulations
and Training

VOKA provides services for the development of virtual simulators for studying and performing surgical operations of any complexity through its own VR-powered solutions


Surgical precision

Learning the correct sequence and timing of the surgery to decrease injury

Visual learning

Visualization contributes to a better memorization of the distance between injections and suturing

Operative consultation

Ability to stop and concentrate at any stage of the operation to consult with a professor or colleagues

Error analysis

Alerts in case of errors and visualization of consequences based on various scenarios and actions

Supported Devices

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VOKA: Metaverse Medical Solution

Laboratory as a metaverse platform for the healthcare community where users can immerse themselves in the study of medical science

Metaverse rooms

We offer the development of virtual spaces in the metaverse for the medical industry. Students, teachers and practitioners can conveniently study human anatomy and pathologies, practice surgery and communicate

Metaverse conference

Users can create a conference from anywhere in the world to communicate with their peers in a virtual environment. It allows users to be all in one place at the same time and feel full immersion in the world of medicine

Metaverse NFT galleries

The VOKA design team and Unity developers will build a truly interactive NFT medicine gallery where you can store your collectables and share them with others

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Healthcare Software
Development Services

EMR/EHR systems

We design secure and reliable healthcare solutions to effectively manage electronic health and medical records. Our healthcare development team integrates EHR/EMR software with care providers’ internal solutions, from patient portals and telemedicine apps to practice management systems, prescribing software, etc. With EHR/EMR systems, healthcare organizations can streamline treatment processes, optimize document flow, and reduce operational costs.

Practice management software

VOKA delivers top-notch practice management solutions providing healthcare organizations with digital instruments to handle clinical, administrative, and financial challenges. We create multi-purpose healthcare software streamlining care providers’ routine operations, including data management, scheduling, billing, and claiming.

Patient education software

VOKA develops patient-oriented web and mobile healthcare apps that ensure stable and positive provider-patient relationships. We believe that implementing various gamification, RPM, and telemedicine features helps caregivers to engage patients in their treatment process and inspire them to track vital signs, educate them, and monitor physical activity.

Remote patient monitoring systems

VOKA delivers custom RPM solutions allowing care providers to monitor patients’ symptoms and physical condition with the help of mHealth and smart medical devices. State-of-the-art IoMT solutions help collect accurate health data in real time, and securely store and analyze it. To ensure our RPM software success, we empower it with comprehensive functional capabilities: health data analytics, alerts on vital changes, AI chatbots, automated reports, messengers, and a lot more.

Mobile health applications (mHealth)

Our professionals can develop and implement mobile healthcare applications for various purposes based on ad-hoc requirements. Delivering healthcare mobile app development services,Voka leverages its extensive experience, the latest industry trends, and advanced technologies, including machine learning, extended reality, real-time communication, and more.

Healthcare data analytics tools

Our data analysts help medical organizations turn large data volumes into actionable insights to facilitate decision-making processes and improve the quality of care provided. We deliver innovative solutions to analyze patient-generated health data, treatment statistics, medical care expenses, revenue cycles, and more.

Telemedicine and telehealth software

VOKA leverages the power of telecommunication technologies to develop cutting-edge telemedicine applications with extensive mHealth functionality for remote medical care delivery. The telehealth apps we create can significantly reduce healthcare costs, increase patient engagement, improve treatment outcomes, and expand access to medical care. We tailor our custom telehealth apps to specific medical care practices and specialities.


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Technologies we use



























Google VR SDK

Oculus SDK

AR Foundation



Whom We Serve

Healthcare IT product companies
Pharmaceutical companies
Assisted living facilities
Rehabilitation centres
Medical device manufacturers
Mental health centres
Nursing homes
Medical schools

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