True to life XR Pathology 3D right on your desk

XR Pathology 3D combines the proficiency in digital technologies and the expertise of top healthcare professionals to deliver unmatched medical software.
The software XR Pathology 3D is developed for Illumetry IO holographic display for extended reality. 
Sense of reality
The product allows viewing the virtual hologram from any angle, like it was a real object. The user experiences extremely true-to-life XR right on their desk
Interaction during lessons
The holographic display allows students to study virtual 3D content of normal and pathological anatomy, while maintaining contact with the teacher during the practical classes
Сonvenience and practicality
Get the opportunity to delve into the world of anatomy and pathology, where a powerful PC offers high-level image details. Lightweight wireless 3D glasses provide comfort during extended periods of use
Mobility & accessibility
XR monitors take up little space and are easily transported and moved from class to class, which makes them available throughout the entire university

The product kit includes

XR monitor Illumetry

XR glasses Illumetry

Stylus Illumetry

VOKA Pathology 3D software

Educational classes from scratch

VOKA & Illumetry assist medical schools, universities and  professional development organisations to equip educational classes based on their own XR solution, enhancing the educational process with IT advantages.

You can use a fully-equipped classroom not only for XR, but also for other studies that do not involve an extended reality experience.

  • Study of pathologies
  • Study of anatomy
  • Engaging learning
  • Full immersion
  • Medically accurate graphics
  • High class Illumetry XR displays

Digital healthcare solution that really matters for medical education

  • Display of 3D models with the XR device
  • Experience various immersive interactions with virtual holograms using highly responsive styluses in a 3D space
  • Control and navigation using styluses
  • The ability to hide or isolate any anatomical structure to study the essentials
  • The ability to learn the names of all anatomical structures and their groups
  • Opportunity to read an article about each anatomical formation

Get ahead with the ultimate and exceptional innovative solution for medical education.

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